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Support Your Successful PR Strategy with a PR Toolkit

When you have a job to do, there is typically a set of tools you need to get the job done right. The same came be said for PR. In Judy’s previous article for MG Magazine, she discussed the importance of carefully selecting your PR tactics to support overall marketing and business goals, and how a PR program (the selected tactics) should maintain consistency and reinforce the bigger picture plan. But what are the tactics, or tools, available to choose from? Learn more by reading Judy’s latest article.

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Want Media Attention? Be Newsworthy

At the outset of legalization, media outlets persistently sought news from cannabis companies. Now, the burgeoning industry offers plenty of sources with interesting content that easily can fill the pages of magazines. Industry members find landing stories, feature articles, or even a product mention increasingly challenging. Companies now need to be media-savvy and, most of all, be honest with themselves. Is the story you want to share really newsworthy? Learn more about how and when to leverage your company’s news so journalists take notice by reading Judy’s latest article in MG Magazine.

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Cannabis PR Success Starts with Strategy

When you need to drive to a new destination, you look to Google Maps to help find the best route. When you want to renovate or build a house, you work with someone to develop and approve a floor plan, establish a budget, and a coordinate a construction schedule. And when you get a loan for a car, you agree to regular payments that suit your budget. In order to accomplish a goal, you need a plan, schedule, and budget. These are the same essential elements of an effective public relations (PR) strategy. To get you in a strategic cannabis PR mindset, check out Judy’s recent article for MG Magazine.

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How to Write a Press Release

In her most recent article for MG Magazine, Judy discusses a must-have in your PR toolkit: a well-written press release. Press releases are a mainstay of company communications and serve an excellent purpose.

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What Is PR and Why Do I Need It?

In this article for MG Magazine, Judy Campbell answers a common question in the cannabis industry: What is PR and why do I need it? As a cannabis business owner, someone along the way has likely told you to invest in PR. There’s a reason PR keeps coming up. It’s a powerful business growth and awareness tool.

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Largest Cannabis-Related Businesses In Oregon

Campbell is being recognized for its work in the cannabis space, serving companies all along the supply chain, in Oregon, Arizona, California, Washington, Canada, and newly-legal-on-the-adult-use-front Michigan!

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Hiring a public relations agency might be the perfect next step for your cannabis business

In this Culture Magazine article about the importance of PR agencies in the cannabis space, Campbell founder Judy Campbell discusses the importance of staying ahead of the news and trends in the industry to ensure brand relevance. She also shares tips on what to look for in a PR agency, and how to get the timing right.

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Inside The Normalization Of Cannabis Marketing

PR Week highlights Campbell’s PR role with cannabis MSO (multi-state operator), Grown Rogue. One of the key PR objectives is to broaden the brand message to include mainstream moms and baby boomers who see cannabis as a healthy alternative to that glass of wine or hard alcohol.

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Interview with an artist Judy Campbell does PR by day, visual art by night

The Bend Bulletin takes a look at the artistic side of Judy Campbell, who created a steel and lights mural that resides permanently in downtown Bend’s Tin Pan Alley art collection.

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