Speaking at a national conference sets stage for content marketing

Headquartered in New Zealand, Infotools has staff in cities around the world including Atlanta, the location of the annual IIeX North America conference. The on-the-ground person in Atlanta was interested in sharing her expertise in data integration, but had never spoken at a conference before. Luckily, IIeX had instituted a “New Speaker” program that gave presenters like her the stage for 20-minute presentations throughout the conference agenda. Campbell Consulting provided guidance on her slide flow and content, as well as coaching for the presentation itself. She was nervous, but did so well that she won the conference award for best new speaker. But the impact of her bravery didn’t stop there.

Through the New Speaker program, Keri was invited to submit an article for the conference blog. Campbell Consulting interviewed her, coupled her insights with our existing knowledge of the space, and created the article for the blog, which was hosted on the market research industry thought leadership site, Greenbook. We also wrote an introductory piece that linked back to this external blog for the Infotools website, and drove traffic through the company’s social media platforms to help boost inbound traffic. Keri had so many interesting things to say on data integration and the future of the market research industry, that we were able to write another completely separate, unique article for another high-profile industry blog, ESOMAR’s RW Connect, and proliferate over the website and social platforms for even more visibility.

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