Grown Rogue

Media Coverage Highlights

This page is showing some of the media coverage we got for our client ​Grown Rogue.

Dope Magazine | 2018

Black Chem Diesel CO2 Oil Cartridge review

Good Herb | 6.8.18

Three articles featured Grown Rogue

Portland Business Journal | 5.31.18

Oregon's Grown Rogue aims to deliver a dialed-in cannabis experience

Bend Bulletin | 5.5.18

Obie quoted on price compression in story on oversupply in Oregon.

Mail Tribune | 5.20.18

Local pot industry surpasses wine

Oregon Leaf Instagram | 5.14.18

Help to expand research of Cannabis and you

Cannabis Daily Record | 4.30.18

Grown Rogue ranked #3 largest cannabis-related business in Oregon

Cannabis FN | 4.29.18

CFN interviews Obie Strickler

Portland Business Journal | 4.29.18

Grown Rogue ranked #3 largest cannabis-related business in Oregon

Urban Daddy | 4.20.18

Pre-Rolls included in “Future Weed: Getting High with the Latest Technology”

Mail Tribune | 4.14.18

Building a cannabis community - Review of the community involvement of Grown Rogue, its cannabis mixers and company values

MJ Biz Wire | 3.20.18

Grown Rogue Introduces CO2 Cartridges

Marijuana Times | 3.20.18

Cannabis Company Grown Rogue Unveils its Seed-to-Experience Concept and Products

Magnetic Magazine | 3.16.18

Learn all about their seed-to-experience concept!


The Weed Blog | 5.15.18

Grown Rogue, a fully integrated cannabis company out of Medford, Oregon with Clean Green Certified cannabis, is now launching a full line of cannabis experience products.

MG Retailer | 3.15.18

Too Shy to Try? Cannabis CEO Has a Solution Article featuring Obie talking about Rogue Study

Marijuana Times Video Show | 3.9.18

Marijuana Times’ Joe Klare interviews Obie Strickler about Grown Rogue.

Willamette Week | 2.28.18

Four Innovative Joints That Attempt to Solve the Problem With Pre-Rolls

PR Week | 2.16.18

To target recreational users, Grown Rogue on Friday debuted a website and branding that aims to market their marijuana flower, oils, and concentrates as easy, consumer-friendly product choices.

Marijuana Retail Report | 2.14.18

Grown Rogue was one of the first producers to nitrogen seal Cannabis flower packs that are sold exclusively to partner dispensaries throughout Oregon...“What better way to provide the best pre-rolls the market has ever seen than by sealing them in nitrogen preserved containers just like we do with all of our flower products,” Strickler added.

Green Market Report | 2.13.18

Grown Rogue lets you give flowers that won’t be thrown in the trash in a few days. Their pre-rolls are nitrogen-sealed, made with fresh bud, no trim, and are ½ gram each.

The Mail Tribune | 6.8.18

Grown Rogue has outdoor grow locations, an indoor extraction and distribution building, and partnerships with dozens of dispensaries in Oregon, according to its website.

Cannabis.Net | 1.26.18 interviews Obie Strickler on Keys to Long Term Success in Cannabis

KDRV Interviews Grown Rogue CEO, Obie Strickler, at Cannabis Industry Mixer | 1.24.18

Obie Strickler says, "We know big money is going to be coming into this industry, this industry has to align and has to ensure we create a structure to where we are still relevant, we don't want Monsanto, we don’t want big tobacco."

Ashland and Sikiyou Daily News Event Calendars | 1.18.18

Grown Rogue’s Industry Outlook Mixer listed on online calendar

Grown Rogue Introduces Nitrogen-Sealed Pre-Roll | 1.11.18

MJ Biz Wire | 3.20.18

Grown Rogue Introduces CO2 Cartridges

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