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Based in Oregon, but with team members in LA, Chicago and the East Coast, we are dedicated to shining the spotlight on the country’s best cannabis brands.

What’s our secret sauce?

As a PR firm with years of experience serving cannabis PR clients in many legal states, we understand the landscape facing both medical and recreational cannabis companies today. Because traditional advertising for cannabis is strictly regulated and social advertising is prohibited, the success of public relations and content marketing efforts are more crucial than ever. Campbell Consulting’s combination of PR strategy, social media management and content marketing for cannabis is the best way to build credibility and improve your cannabis brand’s search ranking and overall visibility.

As the cannabis industry explodes, competition has exploded along with it. Smart companies know that in order to scale quickly – winning the mindspace of the consumer as well as investors – it is critical to garner media coverage in top magazines, online platforms and on cannabis blogs and other outlets. Veterans in the PR space, Campbell Consulting knows how to find and develop interesting story angles about your team, products and services, and align these to coincide with emerging industry trends, seasonal holidays and more.

Then we package the stories – sometimes with your THC or CBD product samples – and deliver them to the right media at the right time. 

To establish your team as experts in the cannabis space, we identify the best conferences and events where we can submit your executives as speakers. Speaking engagements are a great way for you to reach and impact your audiences directly. We manage the process from identifying the best opportunities to tracking and adhering to deadlines, to writing abstracts, submitting and coordinating the presentations according to your needs. 

For companies selling large-scale equipment – such as processing, distillation or extraction equipment – we are adept at facilitating media visits to your headquarters, or to your clients’ facilities to see your equipment in action. This is also a great way to generate on-the-spot testimonials that solidify your brand image and reputation with the media.

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