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Campbell Consulting is a dynamic digital PR agency powered by an experienced team of public relations pros, former journalists, digital marketers, and social media aficionados. The industries we specialize in include cannabis, craft beer, real estate, consumer insights, tech, and the food and beverage industry.

Public relations has evolved, and our capabilities have evolved to match. Your differentiators and strengths drive our PR and content strategies, helping us generate high-quality content that makes you stand out from the crowd and improve your SEO. Because your customers are always-on and are interacting directly with your brand in real-time, all the time, our social media management team is always listening and ready to respond.

Your brand story needs to be told. We help you tell it via our key media relationships and trusted influencers, helping your company grow and establish category leadership.

Modern, Multi-Channel Public Relations

The lines between public relations and consumer communications have blurred, which is why we develop strategies that blend the best of both worlds and create high-impact, comprehensive outreach campaigns. We identify the most influential media in your category and develop strategies for engaging them with your brand, a technique that results in valuable backlinks from relevant, reputable online publications, improves your reputation, builds your site authority, improves your search ranking, and drives a higher volume of organic traffic to your website. Not only does our team handle this and all of your media communications, but we also help you develop meaningful relationships with the media who matter most to you and your customers.

Trade Show Support

As much as you’d love to be available to speak with journalists at your next trade show, you know you’re going to be slammed with sales appointments. Campbell Consulting steps in on behalf of our clients weeks in advance of top trade shows and media events to schedule media appointments and brainstorm the best ways to engage media and capture their attention. From product demonstrations to fun, social events and outings, we help our clients forge meaningful relationships with key media contacts most relevant to your brand. Take a look at our case studies section to see how we build effective working relationships with the most influential members of the media.

Digital Media

The internet is where your brand’s reputation is made. Our expert communicators know how to navigate the digital landscape, ensuring that your messaging is compelling, consistent and helping you reach your sales marketing goals. We keep up with the continual changes in the digital space, craft content marketing strategies, focus on content development for blogs, pitch your experts as guest columnists and bloggers, design creative and engaging digital campaigns, and develop an affordable paid advertising strategy, all to drive online traffic to your site.

Content Development

Newsletters, blogs, white papers, social media, bylined articles, speaking engagement proposals, press releases, media alerts; we have expertise in creating all types of content that will drive organic traffic to your website, help define your brand and connect you with your audiences. Creative content development is one of our core strengths, so if content marketing keeps getting pushed down your list of priorities, turn to Campbell Consulting to help you achieve your online objectives.

Media Events

Hosting events for key media is a powerful method for enhancing perceptions of your brand, products or services. The team members at Campbell Consulting are experts in brainstorming impactful functions, confirming media attendance, and cooking up creative ways to engage them with your business. Whether it’s demonstrations of your product or service in memorable locations that forge meaningful connections with the media, introducing clients to relevant VIPs at small media events or holding press conferences, we’ve planned and hosted successful media events for clients of every size.

Media Training

Getting the media’s attention is great…when you’re ready for it. But being contacted by the media when you’re not prepared to answer their questions is stressful and, in a worst-case scenario, counterproductive. We will work with you to make sure you and everyone on your team understands your key brand messages and knows how to turn every media contact into a brand-building opportunity. We’ll help identify your spokespeople and prepare them with on-camera training, constructive feedback and professional tips. Our experience as journalists makes us experts in these practice interview scenarios, so you’ll be ready for the real thing.

For any craft beer, cannabis, software, technology or lifestyle brand, public relations needs to be a core element of your content marketing strategy. Writing and distributing press releases, creating custom articles for placement in trade and marketing publications, developing thoughtful anchor content pieces such as blog posts, ebooks, white papers and original research – all of these strategies help position you as a leader in your space, connect you with your customers, and drive traffic to your physical and digital properties. If this sounds like the solution you’ve been waiting for, please contact us and we’ll set up an introductory consultation call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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